Thursday, September 28, 2006

September 28 2006 Jam

Where’s Doc’o Well…mentally he’s already in Alaska, and moved to his next square…now, if we could just get his physical body to follow…

Set one opened up with a quartet of John Prine tunes with the core band and Cuba. John A. our classic folk singer aka our own special worried man, who’s not so worried anymore, treated us to a trio of classic folk tunes. Jammers were scoping out the jam deciding whether to jam or not. Hearty welcomes go out to Don & Company. Hope you two come back to jam. John also treated us to Sloop John B.

Jam Master Hammer noted that Doc Schultz played this particular tune with Al Jardein… ah…talking with the Doc is like spending time with Forrest Gump, he’s been there done that, and has the most amazing history. John sang Greenback Dollar, making up his own personal Matt Hammer jam verse to our delight.

Mike stepped center stage for “Europa.” This is Mike’s last Thursday night to jam until… maybe Springtime as he’s giggin’ in the midst of the bright lights, nightlife, in the Elvis Wedding Chapel capital of the world. We wish Mike luck in Vegas… if he e-mails his gig location we’ll post so that his Alaskan fans who visit Vegas and can visit Alaska’s adopted guitar-fiddler on the roof!

Set two began with a trio of Buffett tunes with a “Beer for my Horses,” Willie Nelson, back. A sentimental Tom Petty tune, “San Diego Serenade” a la Hammer and jammers, and we were off and running.

Set 2, Part B brought out the electric jammers, Mike Kovacevic on electric, wild Seattle drumman, Dennis Moric, on drums, Tom Lambert on the Hammond B-3, Moe on keyboards and Gary on drums. A “T-Bone Shuffle” and we were “Steamroller Blues” ‘d by Jam Master Hammer and the jammers.

Just having fun!

Jam Master Hammer rounded out the set with a little “Tupelo Honey.”

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The last set brought stellar base player Dane to the stage moving the Rat to harp. With Rachel in her camouflaged pants and shades we didn’t hardly know her. Rachel sang “Give Me One More Reason” and “Moondance” and did eight-bars of “Louis, Louis.” Whew… Louis… a few more tunes, a little “Knock, Knock, Knocking on Heaven’s Door” and all too soon another MH Jam came to a close.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

September 21 2006 Jam

Where’s Doc’o?? Still in Chico, having one heck of a good garage sale… and Alcan bound!

This mid-Fall jam started out with core jammers, Jam Master Hammer, Pat Rat, Paul Schlomer, and Gary Price launching into a Priney trio of tunes. Cuba and I joined in on the last two songs with conga and harmony. A duo of Buffett songs and the jam was off and running.

John A. joined us for “Worried Man,” “City of New Orleans” and “Greenback Dollar”…John even added his own verse on the fly… and surprised us all. Matt attempted to play the tune, “Viagra in the Waters,” but alas he played his G-String too “hard” and it broke… a fitting start to this long and hard story tune… Set two ended on that note.

And second time is a charm, Kathy Claiborne, the K of the group called MAK, and I launched into “Viagra in the waters” a second time… “Save your sons, shield your daughters, there’s Viagra in the waters.”

Ah, it wasn’t too hard that time…

Big welcome goes out to Animal aka Mike E., our guest host jammer. The band launched into “The Weight” and our guest jammer played “St. James Infirmary” and a couple of key of A tunes and “What’s Going On.”

Animal was joined by Special Ed, new jammer Marvin on drums and the core band. And we had dancers… hatman Steve, and his partner were dancers extraordinaire. Animal played an oily tune called “Back on the Rig Again” and Jam Master Hammer ended the set with “Tupelo Honey.”

Set three brought the percussionists upfront and center with Cuba on maracas, Angie on congas, Michelle on tambourine, joined by Paul on harp. Dane joined the band on bass, Tom Lambert on organ, Moe on keyboards, Gary on drums, Animal on guitar.

Pat Rat moved in on harp and Matt moved to flute as our own Miss Rachel Rae stepped to the stage, singing, “I Wanta A-scat Blues,” “Stormy Monday,” “What’s Up” and “Bobbie McGee.”

Sweet, sweet music t-bone shuffled across the stage. A little “Steamroller Blues” featured Jam Master Hammer’s baritone voice as well as multiple licks for all the lick players. Very nice licks, guys! Special Ed stepped center stage and sang, “Flip, Flap and Fly.”

Jammers ended the night with “Knock, Knock, Knocking on Heaven’s Door.”

Great crowd, great jammers. Look forward to seeing y’all next time!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

September 14 2006 Jam

Where’s doc’o… don’t know… I’m sicko…

Rumor has it that this jam was dynamite… with Jimmy D. as guest host jammer featuring Stu Schulman on bass, you expect nothing less than excellence. Full house with standing room only. New jammers to the stage, a big welcome goes out to Wes on the Hammond and Dane on bass. Jammers Keith Junot and Dmitri rounded out this showcase of jammers. A good time, I’m told, was had by all!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

September 7 2006 Jam

Where’s Doc’o?? Stalled in Chico???!! Me, don’t know!

Steve was home sick from this Jam - so no pictures - sorry.

Oh, it’s primetime again with a five Prine tunes right in a row. John A. joined the core band featuring his classic folk tunes. Today, John sang a tune called “Colors.” Very, very nice.

Wow, we had cowboys tonight at what I’m calling the cowboy table. Multiple cowboy hats, in multiple colors.

Set two brought Tre up behind the drums joined by Matt Valley, accompanied by Pat, Paul, and Cuba. Such fun, Matt sang the snappy tune, “I Always Have to Steal My Kisses from You” and a sweet Virginiaish tune, whose name escapes me. Matt has his own fan club at the North Slope and is a favorite jammer. Tre, leaving the drums behind, stepped up to the microphone and sang Bob Dylan’s, “Tangled Up in Blue.” Good job, guys!

Set two brought guest host jammer, Loren Arment to the stage. Loren and Matt launched into “Mrs. Robinson” and “Red Rubber Ball,” their harmonies reminiscent of Simon and Garfunkel’s best. Ed on electric, Tom Lambert on organ joined the group for a song about two men, “well hung” otherwise known as “Two Hangman.” Penny Arment joined jammers on this tune. Kyle on sax, joined jammers for “Share the Land” and “Amy.” Moe joined on keyboards for “Boys of Summer,” and Bob, our soundman, joined in on harmony vocals on “Comfortably Numb.” With a little “Black Magic Woman” the set roared to a close. Gary launched into a drum solo, Cuba into a conga solo, Jam Master Hammer moved to flute.

Set three brought Dean Reaves to the stage on drums, Nick on acoustic guitar and vocals, Doug on electric, and the rest of the jammers launching into “Can’t You See.” Ah… the cowboys at this point became part of the confederacy with Freedomwriter proudly waving his freedom flag. Doug launched into Jimmy Hendrix’ “Hey Joe.” A little Knocking, a trip to Tupelo and a song for Cuba and all too soon this fun night came to a close.