Thursday, January 17, 2008

January 17 2008 Jam

Welcome to Matt Hammer Jam…the sequel… thank you, thank you, Dennis for inviting us to Eddie’s Sports Bar every Thursday night to host this jam…and many thanks to Tana, our trusty bartenderess and Miss Amber on cocktails. Rounding out the house were the two Mikes on…you guessed it…setting the mics… what a great crew! Many thanks to drummer Mike on Eddie’s website as well. Many thanks to the crew and all of the musicians and audience who came out to support “Matt Hammer Jam - the sequel”… in the infamous words of Loren Arment aka the human voice… “we love you guys!”

All the “usual suspects” were present in the audience this first set. Freedomwriter Bill with his camera and discriminating eye, searching out important details in every shot. Suspect Will as in John with his discriminating ear for music, Eagle River Steve whose computer and photo expertise keep us on-line, Pickles aka alternate jam drummer Dean Reaves, sporting a “new do” on his chin, “Special Ed” Christiansen with his special electrifying guitar licks accompanied by Ms. Brenda, Tim and his trusty son sidekick, the two Ritaris, the two Beas, the Oldenwieser crew (is that like budwieiser?), and all the musicians who signed up to jam. Big welcome to the regulars from Eddie’s, new to us, but call Eddie’s their home away from home, we thank you for your support and welcome y’all and hope you join our jammin’ family on Thursdays!

Jam Master Hammer opened the night with “Lincoln Duncan,” a tune our harp player in spite of his long-term gig with us, had never heard this tasty blast from Hammer’s past.

The infamous Doc Schultz joined in on “Souvenieurs,” a Stevie Goodman/John Prine tune and once again, the jam began. The core band included: Pat Rat on bass, Gary Price on drums, Paul Schlomer on harp, yours truly on background vocals, joined by Special Ed. Continuing on with John Prine we sang, “Glory of True Love” and “Long Monday.”

John A. jumped to the stage with his own special rendition of “Worried Man,” only he’s not so worried anymore as he tastefully belts out those folk tunes. John sang, “Four Strong Winds” and then took a little trip south…to “Abiline” which reminded Matt of our recent trip south…he noted that the plane seats had gotten smaller since we traveled last…and the bathroom…he confided in us… he had trouble turning around… shhhh...we won’t tell him that there might be another reason for this anomaly… stifle those laughs! John finished up with “MTA” and “Greenback Dollar.”

Set two began with a bluegrass showcase band, Oldenweiser strutting their stuff. Kathy Claiborne on guitar and vocals, Doc Schultz on banjo and vocals, the megatall Kevin Cassidy on mandolin, and Blue Honey’s own Meg Anderson holding down the bottom end on her big, bad standup bass. Catch her new CD, Blue Honey, on sale at local outlets. The group started out with a sweet Graham Parsons tune, launched into “If You Needed Me,” and then Doc and Kathy launched into their rousing rendition of “Jackson” and leaped straight into “Love Hurts.” Watch for this group at the Folk Festival this week! Good stuff!!

Quicko, chango and it’s Loren Arment aka the Human Voice and Jam Master Hammer dueting once again. What a treat for the ears! It was a treat for the eyes as well with Arment vamping on the stage and throwing off his age old…or is that old age glasses! Anyway, a little “Mrs. Robinson” from Simon and Garfunkel and “Red Rubber Ball” by the band, Circle, with the two exercising their sweet intricate harmonies. Once again they left us breathless. The band joined in for the humorous “Universe” song from Monte Python and then “Spanish Pipe Dream.” We jammed to our own rendition of “Fly Away on My Way Back Home,” a tune none of us had sang since the Fair…we be jamming here! Thomas joined in on drums. Set two came to a bittersweet end with our own version of “For What It’s Worth” with Yakatat…or is that Tallahassee Steve joining us on flute. M’m… nothing like, good music, good food, and good friends to warm up a…d winter’s night!

Set three began with a few tunes from another showcase band: ADD, aka as Ellen, Lon, Randy, Kevin and Gary. Ellen belted out the Sugarland tune, “Something More” and then the band launched into “Johny Be Good.” Miss Michelle jammed on tambourine. The Do-what? singers joined the band on-stage and Lon stepped off-stage and out onto the dance floor to sing “Mustang Sally.” Wow, good fun, good music…and this band knows how to drink tequila and party… Patron-ites unite!

Merrill Miller and Phil DuBois stepped to the stage next and were joined by core band members Pat Rat and Paul Scholmer. They be jammin’ Merrill sang a tune about, “if it weren’t for bad luck I’d have no luck at all” and then launched into some sweet, sweet blues and followed it up with Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues” and then lit a “Fire on the Mountain.” These two are a tasteful duo, with Phil playing lead guitar and Merrill on guitar, harp and lead vocals. We look forward to Phil and Merrill jamming again! Hammer jammer rookies no more!

Jam Master Hammer took the stage and was joined by Special Ed Christansen on electric guitar, Steve on flute, Thomas on drums, Pat Rat on bass, Paul on harp and Michelle on tambourine with Matt launching into his tribute to the troops with the Bosses “Devil’s and Dust.” Powerful tune! Doc Schultz joined the band on stage and I took the house on a trip to “Atlanta” and we ended the night with Doc singing “Midnight Special.”

We want to thank all of you for your participation. Look forward to seeing y’all next Thursday!! Fa, la, lah

The complete set of pictures from tonight's Jam can be found here.


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