Thursday, August 31, 2006

August 31 2006 Jam

Oh, it’s Prine time with a side of Buffett again by the core jammers plus Special Ed and Cuba. Big welcome to Bruce, our new jammer on the Hammond and he’s from… Kansas… Bruce, you’re not in Kansas anymore. Matt sang “Operator” with the jammers.

John A. joined jammers and sang classic folk tunes. Jam Master Hammer launched into “Some Things are Never Gonna Change” and I took us to “Atlanta” for a change of scenery.

Set two brought Mike K. to the stage on electric, Dewey on sax, Butch on drums, Kyle on sax, Cuba on congas, accompanied by the core band.

A little “T-Bone Schuffle”, “Steamroller Blues,” “The Weight,” and “For What it’s Worth,” and “A Song For Cuba.”

Great audience this night with standing room only!

Set three brought a new jammer to the stage, Nick Weaver. Tom Lambert joined on organ, Ed on Electric, Kyle on sax, John S. on harp, Tre on mando. “Boys of Summer” and “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” done differently in different keys, such fun and jammers were stretching and adapting! A little “Fire on the Mountain” and a little “Turn the Page,” Nick-style.

It was LuvPuppet time, with puppeteer Tim on guitar and vocals, Marty on vocals, accompanied by Tom, Mike, Pat, Gary, Cuba, Ed, and Kyle. They launched into “Highway 61” and a ditty, I think was called “One after the 909” (don’t quote me, I could be wrong).

Miss Rachel Rae, looking vaguely like a 57 Chevy with a super paint job, joined jammers and sang “Stormy Monday”, “Bobby McGee,” and ended the night with Tracy Chapman’s “Give Me One More Reason.”

Thursday, August 24, 2006

August 24 2006 Jam


Please forgive the quality; these were taken quite unprofessionally with a tiny digital still camera. But these are better than missing out entirely, so enjoy!

Dueling SaxamaFlute - Matt Hammer vs. The Kid

She's a Sweetie 3 separate movies:


Kyle again


Sunday, August 20, 2006

August 17 2006 Jam

Where’s Doc’o? Stalled in Chico…listening to Laurie Lewis’ “Earth and Sky” packin’ music and Brad Paisley’s newest country-fare … why that’s “Time Well Wasted”…

Big thank you’s go out straight away to the core band: Gary Price on drums, Paul Schlomer on harp, Dan on sound, Pat, the Rat, on bass, and to my better half, Jam Master (and husband) extraordinaire, Matt Hammer.

This night was the night of the guitar… we had five acoustic guitar players and eight electric guitar players. Wow, I think this is a record number of guitar players in the room at any one time! This week’s jam started with the usual primetime Prine fare trio of tunes.

John A then joined the core band on vocals and acoustic guitar singing three classic folk tunes. Cuba joined in on congas. John becomes a more seasoned performer at every jam. I’m hoping to see his name as one of the performers at next year’s folk festival. I believe he might be ready to spread his wings and fly.

…and speaking of flying… a little Oklahoma birdie told us that it was John’s birthday today. Happy Birthday, John!

Valley Matt stepped to the stage on acoustic guitar and vocals, backed up by his faithful drummer, Tre. Wow, did you see Tre’s dreds. Tre announced that the grand opening of his small business in Peter’s Creek is this weekend, the name, however, escapes me… but he urged everyone to stop in, say hi and buy! This dynamic duo (with a little help from the core band and Cuba) pleased the crowd, playing, “What I Got,” “Big, Bad Leroy Brown,” Valley Matt’s originals, “Bubble Toes,” and “I Always Have to Steal My Kisses From You.” This last tune is a delightful, toe-tappin’ number… and makes me think that this one was written straight from the heart. Great songs and the audience loved the energy of this duo. Great job, guys, you just get better and better every time we see you!

Eric Braendel stepped center stage, accompanied by Paul Schlomer on harp. This was a real treat for us, Eric is a superb songwriter and sang two of his latest original songs, “Hold On” and “Hear Me Now.” Wow! Can’t really describe them, they are moving melodic songs of passion, loss…and hope… you really need to hear them, they are superb.

Pat, the Rat, and friend Linda stepped to the stage. Pat shed his bass for a melodic acoustic guitar and Linda sang “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and one other tune. (I’m having a senior moment, can’t seem to recall the name of that tune.) Linda performed in the 70’s but, after a long time gone, decided to return to singing again.

Set two brought our guest host jammer to the stage, Tony James. Tony James is a performer extraordinaire.

Tony was joined on stage by Gary Price, Pat, the Rat, Cuba, and Mike Johnson on electric guitar. Straight away Tony led the group into a B flat blues tune.

Tom Lambert joined the group on the Hammond B organ and young Kyle joined in on saxophone and Tony sang his soulful renditions of, “Let the Good Times Roll,” “Since I Fell For You,” “Don’t Chain My Heart,” “Tell me What I Say” and “All of Me.”

Wow, superb music was enjoyed by the audience, toes were a tapping and ladies and gentlemen a’dancing. Walmart women a hoping and a hollering all to the beat of the music. What a nice set by our guest host jammer. He ended the set with a two-song medley of “Folsom Prison Blues” and “A Boy Named Sue.” Well, how do you do, a bluesman and Johnny Cash, too!

So many guitar players, so little time… would have liked to have heard Mike Johnson sing a tune or two, but the night moved so fast. Hope to see this most excellent performer again! And… everyone should say happy birthday to Tony, whose birthday was August 18…

Jam Master Hammer stepped to the stage accompanied by Bob Parsons and Texas Jimmy D on electric guitar, Tom, Gary, Pat, Kyle, Paul, Cuba, and Lona. Jam Master Hammer (with Hammer) sang, “Tupelo Honey.”

We then stepped off the stage and Bob Parsons led the group into “E-gas” and another latiny, mambo-samba type breezy instrumental.

Mike, the electric guitar fiddler on the roof, joined the group with his superb licks and Jimmy D stepped center stage and sang his Freddy King, schuffly music… the crowd enjoyed the music and we had dancers all night long.

Rachel Rae on vocals, and Michie on clarinet, joined the jammers. Rachel led the group into a “Moondance” and all too soon ended the night with a Four Non-Blonde Tune, “What’s Up.” Special Ed and Jimmy R, electric guitar players joined us in the room, but skipped the stage this night.

Terry, our perennial audience guitar player joined us in the room, sans guitar. Brenda, as always, anchored the core audience with Steve and Linda, Linda and Bea, and the Walmart Women. We thank these guys and the rest of the audience for your support. It feels like one big musical family to us!


1) Jam Master Hammer announced that he had been invited to host an invitational jam in the Fall for the “Best of Hammer’s Jammers” and anticipated possibly making a CD of all or a portion of the weekend’s festivities. No date yet, I’ll keep y’all posted when we have more details. We envision a weekend of fun and heartfelt music, North Slope style! Sponsors, anyone, we’re looking for sponsors!

2)We possibly will be moving the start time of the jam to 8:00 p.m. to accommodate the early risers, dinner diners, and the old folks such as myself who turn into pumpkins at midnight (read mush). Again, we will keep you posted if the start time changes.

3)Big thank yous go out to Pat Osborne and Mike for making the Matt Hammer Jam at the North Slope possible.

4)Big thank you to Dan, our superb soundman and to Jessica our lone cocktail waitress, bartendress, chief glass washer and bouncer extraordinaire. She keeps us in line and our thirst’s quenched!

5) To our original songwriters, thank you for sharing your original tunes with us, but you might want to get those songs to the Library of Congress for copywriting. Come see me if you need some direction and/or assistance. You can copywrite all songs that were written in any one year as a collection for a single fee $30 or copywrite any one song for the same $30 fee. You’ll need a copyright form, a recording of the song, a lyric sheet, a mailer and a stamp. It’s well worth the time and small expense. If you plan on marketing “your children,” this is a necessary first step.

Live long, love much, laugh often… and play music!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

August 10 2006 Jam

Where’s Doc’o? Back in Chico, amigos…packin’…

An apology to Dean Reeves on the spelling of his name…it’s Dean Reaves…sorry Dean!

And for those of you jammers who venture out to other music venues to “perform” as professional audience members, boy did we have fun at the Mat-Su Resort this Saturday night. Dean Reaves and Special Ed joined us at this venue. Many thanks to all of you Matt Hammer Band fans who joined us at this new Wasilla venue. The Resort has recently been purchased by the Great Bear Brewing Company and is already making their mark on this old Alaskan landmark.

Enough of the commercial moment,… now, for something completely different…back to the blog.

Set one started out with a new John Prine tune with Jam Master Hammer on acoustic guitar. This tune is destined to be a John Prine classic, it’s called, “I Hate It When That Happens to Me.”

Jam Master Hammer brought up the core band: Paul on harp, Lona on harmony vocals, Pat Rat on bass, Gary Price on drums, and added a dash of Cuba on congas and Special Ed and his electric guitar. Matt led the band into John Prine’s “Long Monday” and his “Glory of True Love”. Lona sang John Prine’s “Angel from Montgomery” and then we moved south to Key West and Jam Master Hammer sailed into Jimmy Buffet’s “Son of a Son of a Sailor.”

John A., our #1 jammer, slipped up main stage and sang folk classics, “Chilly Winds,” “Worried Man” and “Greenback Dollar”. Jam Master Hammer rounded out the set with his original song entitled, “One More Song.” Watch for this one to come out on CD sometime this millennium… hopefully this year!

Set two brought several seasoned jammers to the stage. Texas Jimmy D. on his superb electric guitar, Butch aka Mr. Metronome on drums, young Kyle on sax, with Pat, Paul, Cuba, Ed, and Lona. Big kudos go out to Dan, our favorite soundman! Jam Master Hammer led the band into, “For What It’s Worth”, “T-Bone Shuffle” aka I Love to Sing (and we do!)

Lona sang “Atlanta” an Alison Krauss tune and the lick players were tremendous, one and all walking up the half-step scale together in harmony. Wow, that was sweet, sweet!

"Sax Mom" is always there to support her son Kyle, one of the finest sax musicians there are; she always takes a few pictures of Kyle and the band every Jam.

There just isn't any room onstage for Cuba's congo drums, so he and sometimes other musicians too sit in front of the stage.

Another quick/change brought Bob Parson on electric guitar to the stage and the audience was treated to Bob’s original musical instrumental musings. Nice music for the soul…

The last set brought Jam Master Hammer back to the stage, Mike, Special Ed, Lona, Pat, Paul Tom, Cuba and Steve on drums. Steve Stanford is another new North Slope jammer. A big welcome to you, Steve!

Jam Master Hammer led jammers into “Tupelo Honey,” Matt’s original, “Some Things Are Never Gonna Change” with super licks from our superb jammers, and Matt’s own tingly rendition of “Summertime.” At this time of year this one always gets us a bit teary-eyed. Special Ed then stepped to the mic to sing, “Flip, Flap, and Fly”.

Jimmy D then launched into that swingy, shufflely, original tune, “Since My Baby Can’t Be Found” and he left the planet for a moment and forgot where he was. Wow! This was a fun one.

Another quick/change brought Mike Kovacevic on electric, Tom Lambert on the Hammond organ, as Special Ed slipped into professional audience mode. Jimmy D led jammers into “What’s Going On” and another original tune entitled, “Runaway Love.” We love it when jammers bring their original material to the stage.

Ah Ms. Rachel Rae slipped in on us, she could dance in the corner but she couldn’t hide. She hit the stage, dancing, and led jammers into “Bit By Bit” and her own special soulful rendition of “Stormy Monday.” We had dancers on the dance floor, we had a conga convention hosted by Cuba at his congas, we had Jam Master Hammer licking out on mando, as Rachel led jammers, dancers, and the audience into the last song of the night, “Me and Bobbie McGee.” Great job by all jammers, great fun was had by all!


Please forgive the video quality; these were taken quite unprofessionally with a tiny digital still camera. But Jam night is more about audio than video, so enjoy!
Kyle Solo on Sax

Rachel Rae 1

Rachel Rae 2

Rachel Rae 3


Our best wishes go out to the “Walmart Women” those hard working, flash-dancing, free-spirited, dancers of the night. What a treat to just see folks having a good time, listening to good music, all night long! Thank you for your support!

Featuring... Jessica!

You'll find Jessica behind the bar or out amoung the tables, but look quickly; she does get around. This week we send an especially big "Thanks" to Jessica, our ultimate Bartendress...:

Live long, love much, laugh often… and play music!